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Read our reviews below. They are verified customer reviews that purchased one or more of our online cryptocurrency classes

Eugene Bukh from Philadelphia

June 17, 2018

My name is Eugene Bukh and coming from the City of brotherly Love aka Superbowl Champion Philadelphia Eagles!!!  Ive been following Steve since January 2018, for me it was a instant connection as i felt he was very genuine and knowledgable.  Took his time to explain the information in a easy to follow manner.  Shortly after i signed up for his classes and i must say 5 Starts to the world traveler.  He always finds the time to answer questions, his classes are easy to follow, as 90% of the notes he gives you to follow along.  The remaining 10% you have to fill in, keeps you on your toes and in addition  quizes he throws in in the middle of the classes.  His passion for Crypto and teaching makes him one of the greatest mentors in my opinion.  Thanks for all your hard work!!! 


Jorg Leitner from Cape Town

June 15, 2018

You are the only one on you tube that actually makes sense and you don’t try to hype everybody up, but rather spend your energy to explain and say how it is. Your classes are great and very easy to follow-will be on intermediate shortly!

Jorg Leitner

Your passion for teaching Cryptos is a God send

June 15, 2018

Steve your passion for teaching Cryptos is a God send.  Your honesty and integrity will be the driving force of success in this class. Since taking your classes, it’s enable me to trade cryptos “Simple” and hope someday i’ll be able to do this full time! As of to date since taking your classes and learning to used the StochRSI has been the number 1 Tool in my success. I have learned Patience and since then have double my profits!!  Thank you so much. This 50 year old does have a chance to finally build a retirement.


Jim Kenny from Canton, Ohio 

June 15, 2018

This is  Jim Kenny, I’m from Canton, Ohio  Everything about the Crypto Crew gets a 5 Star rating. 

Jim Kenny

Kaupo from Estonia

June 14, 2018

I really like how Steve teach. Easy to understand even if you have no idea about Crypto and charts. Strongly recommend hes classes! 


Bryan - Southern California 

June 13, 2018

I highly recommend taking Steve’s courses to build a strong foundation into trading. Steve has a very simplistic and easy going teaching style. His explanation of various technical analysis tools will help you build an effective trading plan.You will be amazed at how clear the once chaotic charts will become once you understand which tools to use. Sign up for his courses today! You will not be disappointed. 


I for one would highly recommend taking his classes

June 13, 2018

Steve’s honesty and integrity will set you straight on a path to developing a great strategy. His insights have reaffirmed my belief in cryptocurrency and I for one would highly recommend taking his classes. If I knew now what I did then, I would have turned those losses into substantial gains. 


Lucy and I'm from Post Falls, Idaho

June 10, 2018

Greatest teacher ever My first name is Lucy and I’m from Post Falls, Idaho. Yes I LOVED, loved, loved your Intermediate classes!  You are filled with honesty, sincerity, and loads of passion! I loved that you explained everything in great detail and I listened twice to get a very strong foundation.  This was the first time everything became crystal clear!   I finally now feel fully informed so much about when to buy and when to sell.  Previously I had no clue except from watching crazy YouTube videos which said what to buy, but nothing more, although I did learn a great deal how to purchase on the exchanges and which wallets to put our cryptocurrency in to be safe.  I got into BTC and altcoins in early November and only had $1000 to invest and this amount skyrocketed to $4000 in Dec or Jan 2018 (can’t remember which month that was).  I just kept thinking this was going to get higher and higher and did not know if or when I should sell.  Then everything started to sink and I panicked sold everything when my cryptocurrency was down to a measly $500.  I hated that I did not sell my coins when it reached up to $4000, but how could I have known that since I hadn’t taken your Intermediate Classes yet!  I then saw your videos in Feb 2018 which I had never previously seen and loved them, and thus took your classes. 


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