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Read our reviews below. They are verified customer reviews that purchased one or more of our online cryptocurrency classes

Crypto Coffee Girl

June 23, 2018

Esther  Queens New York This class is great for those new to crypto currencies  As a young baby boomer it’s was easy to understand and learn If you like to learn this class is for you !!! Thanks  Steve Follow you everyday on YouTube!!! Esther  AKA Crypto Coffee Girl  ☕️ 


Eddie   from Holland

June 23, 2018

After one year trying to be succesfull in crypto i had to lay down my pride thinking i could do this. Steve.s intermediair lessons changed my whole way of thinking Its great to see things change fast in a great way Already with the first int. class recorded in febr  i was amazed to see Steve talk about btc  wich direction it could go  . Me following this lesson beginnin of may saw  that it exaxtly went the he described in februari I wish i started these lesson sooner!


Tony From Essex England 

June 22, 2018

You can tell from the training videos Steve genuinely wants you to understand so you can use your new skills successfully in the real world of crypto.  When I find myself saying got to buy this coin  I think hey no wait check the charts do some research don’t fall for fomo.


Thank you so much everything Steven keep up with great work.

June 22, 2018

Hi Steven this  Pasi Schalin.I was just studying your intermediate class.You are great mentor my friend. Really enjoyed it and learned so much and I’m exited to start putting new knowledge in to practice.
I like the way you take your time and repeat process so everybody gets it.
I’m originally from Finland pretty well traveled nothing like you and Paulina and dog.  I played Ice Hockey  for living In Finland Canada Germany and US. Past 2 years I spend 7 months in Thailand I really loved it there,so much ,Love and compassion.
my last trip was Medellin in Columbia Its amazing city if you guys haven’t been there.i think you will enjoy it.
I really like your old logo,that couldn’t demo any better who you are. and what ‘s important to you. I think its great picture from you guys.I would keep it and be different than everybody else. I give your class 5 stars.One think I would like to ask you. It would be nice to get print out file from the  the rules without any youtube distraction. Mostly my business, personal training and consulting is cash business,what is best way to buy Bitcoin using cash. Thank you so much everything Steven keep up with great work. Pasi 


Great passion, lots of useful information

June 21, 2018

Hey Steve! Zoltan from Hungary. 
Great passion, lots of useful information and last but not least easy to understand.


Mike from Sydney

June 21, 2018

After having entered the market recently I soon learned that ‘hodling’ wasn’t always a winning strategy. I came across Steve’s easy delivery YouTube videos and decided to join his Crypto Crew intermediate TA class.  I gained so much knowledge about charts and important indicators  to use when assessing a potential buy and sell. The 5 class series was easily understood through Steve’s careful delivery.  Thanks Steve for helping me develop my winning strategy! Loving the bonus classes too!


Dean , Frobisher SK

June 21, 2018

Dean , Frobisher SK , Canada
I have learnt A lot from Steve after signing up for his beginner and intermediate classes . The thing I like the most is that Steve keeps it SIMPLE ! He could use a bunch of big words and terms that just confuses everyone but he doesn’t . Steve keep the videos coming and keep us informed with your thoughts I appreciate everything you put into the classes and U tube videos !  Thanks Buddy ??


My name is KJ from Nigeria ?? 

June 21, 2018

You definitely deserve more than 5 stars but unfortunately the limit allowed is 5 stars, so I will settle and give a BIG 5-STARS rating to the Steve and the Crypto Crew channel Steve is amazing as his passion to teach is evident in his delivery, and style of teaching. When he says he “keeps crypto simple and easy to learn”, he’s NOT joking!! He really simplifies crypto especially the graphs/chart in his own unique and captivating fashion without fluffs and bloviation. I have lost A LOT OF MONEY in the crypto space and market until I ran into Steve’s channel. I have watch all his videos and have PURCHASED all his classes. Since then without any doubt, I now know when to buy and when to sell, and it is all because of Steve and the Crypto Crew Channel. I can’t thank you enough “professor Steve”! You are indeed my crypto prof!!!


Paul from PA

June 21, 2018

I found Steve after I had already blindly invested a decent amount into crypto. As Steve mentions in his class, he would ideally like for you to have not invested a penny before taking the classes. I can confirm this is correct, and I sure wish I would have found his classes before diving into crypto. After taking the classes, I am now equipped with the fundamentals of chart reading, and have put together an investment strategy that has clear guidelines for when to buy and when to sell. Taking the classes has helped me Kickstart my crypto education and has allowed me to further my education at a much faster pace than if I had to learn everything on my own.


Kelly C.    Canmore  Ab. Canada  

June 20, 2018

These courses will open a new world of understanding. Once you have this knowledge you realise most of the people you have been listing to don’t know what they are talking about.    Remember knowledge is power!  Steve is the Man!

Kelly C

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