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Read our reviews below. They are verified customer reviews that purchased one or more of our online cryptocurrency classes


September 17, 2018

Some people may miss the meaning behind my title. The Karate kid didn’t realise the strength behind his lessons until it was time to act.. Steve manages to achieve the exact same result with his students. During certain classes it WILL feel like someone has suddenly switched on the lights and you’ll have instantly usable skills and knowledge. Everything comes together rapidly. I’ve been in Crypto for 1 year, before Crypto Crew, I had some wins and some losses. My wins in the past were more to do with luck than judgement. Joining Crypto in the last 5 months of a bull market made it easy to feel like you have a handle on trading. That feeling, and a chunk of profits, were wiped out in Jan-Feb-March.. I’m not alone in this I know. I’m currently about to start the pro level. I took Int/Advanced/Pro combo (perfect for my experience level, just as Steve said). I didn’t trade until after the Intermediate and I have genuinely only had winning trades since. 31% on the first and varying levels of success up to 73% (with some help from an Eth dip). I am confident, I am selling when I should be, buying when my indicators line up and following the strategy. Well worth the investment, I can’t rate it 6 stars or I would. Keep up the awesome work Steve. Effortless learning, stress free trades and a powerful strategy that let’s you check charts less and win more!

Mike McD

What a winner

July 10, 2019

Hi Steve It has been two months now since I completed the full course. I am pleased to say that I have followed your step by step strategy and continue to make winning trades. I made one mistake on a pairing and the only reason was a broke one of the rules. Just shows that if you follow the system and strategy the results look after themselves. I always wanted to get into trading and every time I looked did some searching it seemed daunting and to complicated. Thanks to your classes and the way you go about sharing all your knowledge has made this journey possible. Thank you for having an impact on my life and so many others. I urge everyone who is interested in Crypto to stop wasting your time and money and invest in the classes. You will not be sorry. Get a strategy, get focused and change your families lives forever. Greetings from South Africa Donavan..


Powerfull classes with great teacher

August 8, 2019

What a powerfull classes and great teaching. Steve is by far the best and most inspiring teacher I’ve ever had. When I was new in crypto (early 2018) I didn’t know what I was doing. I was buying and selling on my instinct and the news. I lost money pretty much each trade I made. I knew I had to change this. Then I found Steve’s youtube channel and after a while I signed up for his classes. The classes are easy to follow, because as always Steve is keeping it simple. I loved the quizzes and the homework in each class. I now have the wright mindset, trade without emotion and stick to my step-by-step strategy. The first trades I made after your classes I took 40-50% profit each trade. The best way to invest is investing in yourself through education. You feel so much more confident, I know I am.

Jeroen v B

Say goodbye to guessing and say hello to a winning system!

April 9, 2019

I’ve waited 4 months to write this review because I really wanted to put Steve’s strategy through its paces. The results?… I’ve had several winning trades during the bear market/correction, and the cost of the classes (Diamond Combo) seems completely insignificant compared the money I’ve made. I now have the confidence and skills to read the charts and know what to do without relying on anyone else. These classes teach you all the technical details, layout a strategy for success, and give you confidence in the midst of any market condition. In all honestly, Steve’s classes are a life changer!


Exceptional, brings peace of mind and confidence

April 9, 2019

I was trading Cryptocurrencies for about a year. I came across Steve’s videos about 6 months into trading and began to learn a lot in his videos. I saw the classes he offered but didn’t really have the money to buy them. I was doing okay trading (in a year long bear market) but was definitely losing a lot of trades (although still in the green). I did not really have a strategy at the time and I was definitely trading with LOTS of emotion! It was becoming too stressful so I decided to bite the bullet and buy Steve’s combo classes. I went through everyone, taking notes and doing the homework. I learned a lot even after being in crypto for a year. I realized that one of the things I was missing was a strategy which was causing me to trade with too much emotion which was bringing stress. Steve’s classes were well worth the price for after taking his classes I have a strategy that works and I don’t have to worry about the day to day price fluctuations. Since I took Steve’s classes back in December of 2018 I have made consistent gains of 10%-50% and the market is just getting started. I am looking forward to the official start of this next bull run for I know I will do VERY well following my strategy. Thank you Steve, I really appreciated your classes and I look forward to your updated youtube vidoes. You have indeed made a BIG difference in my life as a crypto trader!

Peter Stonis


March 28, 2019

Over my decades of business experience, I’ve made numerous investments as required to conduct business, thereby creating a return, or ideally, an enhanced return. Though investing in cryptocurrency is by no means my business, as I pondered whether, or not, I was going to invest in all of Steve’s classes (Beginner, Intermediate, Advanced & Pro), I naturally applied a R.O.I. analysis. Namely, what would be a my return? When I decided to purchase the classes, I felt confident that I would at least net a return of 100% of my investment. As it turned-out, I made 3X my investment within my FIRST trade. It was then that I realized that my return on my investment would be never-ending, for as long as I trade crypto. The additional return on my investment is the ongoing “Bonus Classes”, which are accessible ONLY to Steve’s Graduates. That, ALONE, is HUGE!! THANK YOU, STEVE!! Cameron P.

Cameron P.

worth every peny

May 20, 2019

I always wanted to learn how to trade 6 years ago and I did signed up to Trading Academy but I did not pursued because somebody convinced me to sign up to this networking online marketing ‘mentoring program’ it was scam and wasted my money. Hard luck for me again more scam 3 networking opportunities on bitcoin mining, ico’s and also from other scam oil investments. I am just recovering from being bunrt out. I thought if I did stick on learning to trade then those scams and losing money could of been avoided. I made a decision to look for trading classes again eventhough I had a bad experienced on bitcoin mining investments but I still believed on bitcoin but I am very careful this time, had enough of scams. I had a looked at few trading groups but not done professionally. I wanted to learn properly. I saw Steve video on you tube and read some great reviews, also he looks real that convinced me, so I made a decision to enroll to his classes and that the best decision I ever made in my entire life. Steve has the teaching power which impressed me, very thorough and precise, straight to the point and easy to understand. By following the strategy that I have learned from Steve ‘Steve’s Strategy’ I am now profitting on every trades! without emotion of course! Feeling great and confident on all trading indicators. Steve classes are mindblowing really the best. I am very thankful to Steve that my trading porfolio is growing. I am sticking to trading now. God Bless to CCU and the community.

Nida Wilson

Excellent Investment

May 25, 2019

After watching the free Youtube videos I decided to give the Intermediate class a try. My strategy used to be simply buying the bottom throughout the bear market. It was a very long bear market and I decided to officially join CCU to try and up my game. At the time I did not want to invest with the Intermediate through Pro Series because I was afraid I may have buyers remorse. I have a feeling that may be the hang up with some people not becoming official CCU students. After taking the Intermediate class I realized a better strategy, more confidence in reading the charts, and the investment I made in myself taking the class was not a waste of time or money. Since then I invested in the Advanced, and Pro series. Each course brings your game to a higher level and understanding without question. I will use the knowledge I have gained through these classes for the rest of my life most likely. I see myself getting better with each trade I make as I continue to apply the strategy and read the charts. Excellent investment I made in myself. With the few trades I have made the classes already paid for itself. Really looking forward to the next Bull and Bear markets ahead. I’m confident I will make the correct decisions when a buy or sell signal comes in.

Michael Hernandez

Great Teacher

November 4, 2019

After watching Steve’s youtube videos for multiple months I discussed buying the classes as my Christmas with my wife last year. I can say almost one year later, the educational investment made with be one of the best of a lifetime. All of the 5 star reviews can almost be misleading as customers are almost never satisfied with a product. Bet on yourself, if you have no strategy I can attest to Steve’s simple and well explained strategy. Start with his strategy and improve from there or wait gamble with your time and use free tools. Thanks for the hard work put into these classes and videos.


CCU review - three months in

February 24, 2019

I completed the Crypto Crew University courses at the end of November, and I’ve wanted to let a few months pass and make a few trades before I left my review. That way, I thought I could give an honest, and tested review of the lessons taught in these classes. I was skeptical at first and didn’t buy them at first, but only watched Steves youtube videos. I started following Steves channel in March of 2018, and the one regret I have is not buying these classes then!! I waited all the way from March to November to get the classes, and that was the worst mistake I’ve made in crypto thus far. Since the time I’ve finished the classes in November, I have opened and closed three trades. Following Steves Hybrid strategy I learned, all three trades have been winners. The first two were smaller test trades I did just to try the strategy, and they both closed at about a 9-14% gain. The third trade was much more significant, as I now have the confidence needed to make bigger trades. I opened the trade on December 13th, and closed it last night for a 77% GAIN!!! IN A CRAPPY MARKET! This is an honest review from just a normal dude in the USA, and I FULLY recommend these classes to anyone looking to make money in crypto. THANK YOU STEVE!!


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