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Read our reviews below. They are verified customer reviews that purchased one or more of our online cryptocurrency classes

Best classess ever!

February 7, 2020

Hi Steve,I just wanted to say thank you. I signed up for your classes and became a student a little over a year ago. I was at a low point in my life at that time, thinking I had made a mistake investing into crypto currencies. The mistake I made was not taking your classes first before investing. I thought I knew what I was doing by watching youtube videos and doing research but I did not. After taking your classes I now realize all the mistakes I made. I bought at the top and held on to alt-coins until I got wrecked. There is so much to learn in crypto and you make it easy to understand. I was so afraid to do anything after all the losses I incurred buying alt-coins. But now I feel confident about when to buy and sell and I know I will be successful. I still have trouble dealing with my emotions but I’m working on it. It took awhile for everything to click but it finally did! I think anyone who wants to invest into bitcoin or alt-coins should take your classes FIRST. Thank you again and I look forward to every Wednesday so I can watch your weekly videos. Happy Birthday to your “son”. I can’t believe a year went by so fast!!

Nancy McLaughlin

STOP what you are doing and read...

February 4, 2020

I have been watching Steve’s videos since early 2017 (when I bought crypto for the first time). I only just recently signed up for the Gold Combo classes, and it was the best decision I have ever made, I wish I had signed up way sooner!Steve gives away so much great information and insight in his weekly videos and I have learnt so much just watching every week, however with the Crypto Crew classes it takes all that knowledge and moves you to a whole new level. I found myself getting to end of every class feeling such excitement and clarity, I already knew so much from being a weekly viewer and I reckon that has made everything click even faster for me.All of a sudden, everything makes so much more sense and I am much more confident and have laser like focus, has been an absolute game changer.Steve really goes deeper ion the classes and reveals all the secrets and pro tips and tricks, his hybrid strategy is like nothing else and is explained in a very logical, methodical and easy to understand manner, he really does makes crypto simple and takes away all the stress.He is genuine, honest and humble and by far this is the No.1 Crypto classes on You-tube or anywhere for that matter. Every time I have reached out for assistance via email he is prompt and explains things and wants to ensure my success.If you are like me and watch every week, then don’t waste another minute, get on board and sign up it will be the best decision you ever make. I can’t thank-you enough Steve, a true gentleman and bright light in this exciting space.


My life has been changed

April 10, 2019

Hi Steve. I want to thank you for your classes from the bottom of my heart. You’ve completely changed my life! I went from losing money to doubling my money in just a few months! My family is exceptionally proud of me, especially my wife and daughter. Today was a milestone for me. I am finally in the financial position to help out other family members, specifically my brother, who suffers from Diabetes. He is unable to work because of his illness. For me, that has been the goal and I’ve achieved it all because of your classes. I would recommend your classes to anyone who wants to make a success of their crypto trading.


Worth every penny and so much more

April 30, 2019

Like most people, I was hesitant to purchase Steve’s classes as I thought I knew what I needed to and besides there is so much free content out there. And I also knew how to buy the dip and I’ve always had pretty good intuition that’s helped me in life. But here’s what I found out…All that free content was worth what I paid for it. And guess what else I found out – the dips have dips!! And my intuition didn’t seem to help when it came to Crypto. Every time I made a purchase, I was literally gambling. I did ok sometimes but I was losing more than I was winning. So I decided to take Steve’s classes and here’s what I can tell you. His classes cost a fraction of what I paid to go to college, yet Steve’s classes are sooooo much more useful. Since I’ve been Steve’s student I would say I average 30+% gains on the majority of my trades. The cost of his class is minuscule compared to money I am now earning now in Crypto thanks to Crypto Crew University. Instead of guessing, I now know when to buy and when to sell. Steve’s courses are nothing short of amazing.

Neil Hoffman


June 14, 2019

I had been in crypto for over nine months and I was just buying to HODL and I was losing my money. After coming across Steve’s crypto classes, I was doubtful about the courses but I decided to give it a try. After finishing all the courses, I learned a lot about investing and crypto including a powerful new strategy, how to balance my crypto portfolio, how to use indicator tools and control emotions. And now I know when to buy and sell, and I already made three times what the classes cost. Steves’s classes are the best and life changing.

Sergio Farias

Changed My Life

August 2, 2019

I signed up to CCU over a year ago. I had been involved in the crypto environment for over two years at that point.When i had finished the Intermediate Classes, my knowledge was on steroids. However I never followed Steve’s advice, not to trade until i had completed the course. A little bit of Knowledge without emotional control is dangerous.Once I completed the Pro Classes, things changed.The skills of what to buy and when to buy are not difficult to master at all. I work with a printed check list. The final question on my check list is. Do You Have The Right To Make This Trade.The two things that take time and effort to master:1. Control Emotions At first you will believe you have your emotions checked. YOU DON’T, its that simple. It took me three months to get a total control on my emotions. I still remind myself daily the coins dont love me, my wife does. Trading is not emotional, my marriage is. I Limit myself to only check prices MAX twice a day. More than that, then you are like the teenager who sends a message to the cute girl and he counts the seconds until she replies. Its EMOTIONAL and OUT of CONTROL Don’t Do It.2. Support and Resistance It take a while to understand that everything, yes every single thing is support and resistance. When you get that, then this becomes a fantastic place to be. I learned to watch every moving average, every price and watch how we interact with these. When you get it you will know.This has been a Life Changer. In my early 50’s i am now semi retired. I used my profits to build myself a luxury office at home, its my man cave and my work space.Most days i spend no more than 30 minutes looking at the charts, all time frames. Understanding the big picture is vital.I have been able to use my spare time to improve my health, quality time with my family, and i am now able to give quality time to a volunteer community program that is important to me.Previously my business commitments were extremely demanding and stressful.I am living my dream. I have no stress. I love what i do. I don’t have to get up early to go to work.My Personal Advice to Others1. If You are just watching the YouTube videos and expecting to trade – DON’T 2. IF You want to do part of the course and trade – DON’T 3. If You think the course is expensive – DON’T – I earn back three times what i paid in my first two months of completing the course. 4. IF You think you have your emotions under control – YOU DON’TSteve your Teaching Method in your Classes is Fantastic. You are Generous with Your Knowledge in your Bonus Classes.Thank You My Friend

Lanny Jay

A Great Value

July 3, 2019

I was guessing with my trades and loosing money. Then I bought Steve’s classes and everything changed. Recently bitcoin was on a great run and the greed index got to 95 (very high). So I followed the strategy and got out taking my profits. The next day bitcoin took a major correction, which I expected, and following the strategy I bought back in at a reduced price. Not only did I take substantial profits, but when I bought back in I got almost twice the bit coin that I previously owned. Thank you Steve for changing my life. My portfolio will never be the same again. Your classes are a great value and I recommend them to everyone. Sincerely Josh


No Title

June 14, 2019

Thank you Steve, U save me from cryto crazy pressure. I started trade few months ago, I was fully stressful and even had insomnia, all gone red. After these class, most my trade closed as green, no stress, 50% upper profit each trade. I know when to buy and sell, just need to wait the green light on. BUT the hardest thing also is waiting the green light, i will work hard. Thanks again, U teach me a lots.


I never thought I'd own 1 BTC... and then there was Crypto Crew.

April 18, 2019

You might not think it to be real because of all of the 5-star reviews and lack of one stars, but these courses have changed the way that I think about trading. For months, I was making losing trades as the bear market began to unfold. I was buying the dips, but the market kept dipping. Though I was making smart purchases within those dips, I had ZERO confidence to know when to trade safely to book profits. Eventually, enough was enough! I bought the courses. In 2 months time, I went from .5BTC to 3BTC in just 3 trades! Over 6 months, I’ve made 7x the course investment in a bear market! Now I know when to confidently FOMO in to strengthen my portfolio. Thanks Steve! You’ve given me the confidence and the strategic mind for long term wealth development. I like the looks of victory!

Steve Sergio

This man is a Legend

April 15, 2019

I started crypto in the end of 2017, and lost money.So, decided to learn trending by myself. I read books and looked at some video on YouTube and I came across Steve’s youtube channel.I followed him for some time. He predicted significant move, like the 3 day dead cross, thing that other didn’t even see coming and I told myself I need Steve class.Because, I didn’t have a ton of money, I decided to take an extra job to pay for the classes, (Combo Class Intermediate, Advanced & Pro). Honestly, I have a regret, not taking those classes much earlier.I will have not lost money and time. I have been gambling with my money and struggling to learn by my own.Today I have gain much more confidence and patient.I’ve already made 182% on my first Trade and it just the beginning. Steve’s classes simple, easy and well explain. English is not my mother tongue, I had no problem following it. If you Follow each step and rules, YOU CAN’T LOOSE! He’s strategy is simple and super effective you won’t be disappointed!Honestly, don’t miss the opportunity! Don’t let your chance pass “Audaces Fortunat Juvat”Thank you STEVE, you are a legend. Greeting from the south of France

John. P

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