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U will CLEARLY STEVE'S SINCERE MISSION TO HELP US ACHIEVE SUCCESS & DREAMS! True Integrity, Most Encouraging& Gifted Teacher & Pro! ☺..!

March 1, 2020

I AM SO PROUD FOR YOUR LIFE OF BLESSINGS! WOW Steve : ) NOT many can live such a fulfilling life of meaningful experiences, fulfilled dreams, a happy, loving, peaceful godly home.I thank God for your Outstanding Mentorship from such a magnificent example for all those u are touching with your generous heart, full of integrity, honesty, kindness, and innate desire to empower and help those of us who may be struggling in life, and even to the needy. May God blesss u and your loved ones for all u do, and may He pour His abundant blessings upon u and wonderful family. Wow Steve, u so deserve God’s favor and priceless gifts froM HIM for all that u sow. Who else is doing all that for those who need such support, encouragement who is equipped to teach so POWerfuly, yet simply and able to help so many understand and SUCCEED in such an exclusive endeavor?I wanted to say all the wonderful things about u because u deserve to hear those words of appreciation. Sincerely . Enjoy not just your month of Celebration, but another year of Celebrating life as u are showing us it is possible!! Thank u Steve for teaching us your own PRO strategies to all of us who are striving for a better life by believing and encouraging us!NOT Only do u” Knock our Socks off” with your in depth powerful lessons Packed with priceless knowledge and a Winning Strategy! But u also help others to pursue The Dreams In Our Being in order to live fulfilling, purposeful and empowered lives to help others who are also struggling. Just like Steve left the High-Paying Pro TRader Position making the rich richer, to follow his Dream to be able to help and empower the NOT-YET-WEALTHY working class! [Hopefully not selfish desires to only help ourselves and family] Thank u for all u do for all of us! : )May God continue to shine His face upon u and family [extended] and be gracious to u. I try to share HIs Goodness to everyone now that I seek to Honor Him in all that I am doing to RAISE funds for affordable housing, youth mentoring/ Cultural Arts & Music Academy after school for low income youth and senior projects in my hood where I grew up, and for the visions of our church. I also have a big heart to help the strugglers. I also had encouraging university students visit our Junior High to encourage us to Pursue our Dreams :YES U CAN/Si Se PUEDE! [Spanish] . I always loved to learn and Key Mentors like Steve have helped me learn that YES I CAN ACHIEVE MY DREAMS. I knew that I wouldn’t just move on UP to Nice hoods like my bros and sis after I worked in high-end design firms. Get this !if this isnt God’s vision, what is: Our church was able to build the 1st church in a jail! NOw many Baja CAlif. prisons want one too. PLus Local jails and Prisons in San Diego opened their doors for ministry in all yards! Thanks Steve for empowering us to also do good for others! U are a Blessing to us all!: ) Sincerely from my heart . Ser doing good in the… San Diego May God Bless all of u who will join this Powerful Winning Movement with amazing support and lessons. God will help u find the way to fulfill your higher calling. DARE to find your True Purpose, like Steve and I dared to believe and to take that CRITICAL STEP. DO NOT NEGLECT THE GIFTS in u, and Dont continue to live like the majority who find jobs they tolerate to fulfill their desires for material comforts, security and to provide for all their needs including impressing others they dont even know or care about what u have. Do not follow that self-fullfilling empty prophesy or to simply live a filthy rich self-indulgent empty life.If GOD PUT IT IN U, HE IS COMMITTED TO EMPOWER U & PROVIDE ALL U WILL NEED. ONLY if u believe u can. Because with God, all things are POSSIBLE. : )I PRAY all of u live to experience His VAST Love, Goodness and POW-er and seek Him whole-heartedly. God nvr lvs u , He created u to seek and to Give Him Glory in all u do. HE will never forsake u. find HIS PROMISES and how to know Him personally, even google can tell u those promises.: ) Your phone and social media/ TV/ news/ magazines are meant to distract you from truly knowing who u are and from finding your true calling. Slow Down, LIsten to that inner voice/ calling , u know what u love to do, and if u dont know yet, the Most JOY COMES FROM KNOWING HIM, seeking HIS will for your life and loved ones, and when u discover that the Greatest Joy and Happiness is when not only u are have the courage to FOLLOW YOUR HEART AND DREAMS, but when u discover HIS LOVE and Goodness and Faithfulness and know HIM personally and ALL u want to do is to PLEASE GOD. Which coindicentally, is the SAME AS YOUR DREAM AND HEARTS DESIRES. ALL U WANT TO DO IS TO SHARE THIS LOVE, KINDNESS AND MESSAGE OF THIS TREASURE U DARED TO DISCOVER.u wont find it chasing your Materialistic lifestyle & selfish dreams, u see that on all ADS, TV, movies, glamourous glittering images of a successful, life of riches, prestige and comforts, etc. U will never find it if u continue along that same narrative that has been shown to u. U wont find it if u continue in the same struggling jobs u hate but need the money. Steve also shows u how to gradually begin to PURSUE what u Love, Your Dreams.U wont find it chasing shiny objects, including the best looking people, or to just to fulfill your selfish desires. DARE TO DISCOVER THE LIFE U WERE MEANT TO LIVE and : ) [ God never leaves u]


Top notch classes!

February 27, 2020

Hi, my name is Robert. I have been following Steve’s videos for about 2 years now and can’t even describe how different I found him to be from everybody else. I used to watch other Utubers, but quickly unsubscribed from all of them when I discovered Steve’s channel. I purchased the Stock and Crypto class along with the Intermediate. I was absolutelyamazed of how organized and professional he was in his teachings. I have gained so much knowledge from him, but still need to purchase the rest of the classes when I’m able to. Can’t wait until I do! If anyone is skepticalof him and never try even one class, all I have to say is you are really missing out and will regret it later on. He is not a financial advisor because a financial advisor would make you 5-10% per year on your investment and I’ve witnessed other students doubling their money and beyond in just a few months. I am very excited to soon take the rest of the classes and it will be worth every penny!


One of The Best Experience and Investment of My Life So Far!

February 20, 2020

Hey Steve and welcome the Future Students of this community; I’d like to start this review with the question about why we all are here. And the answer is most probably that all of us are excited about crypto, invested in crypto and failed to trade with crypto. We are all here because we are fed up seeing our money going lower and lower and lower; we are fed up not understanding the processes and we are fed up losing because poor decisions were made during the trades. What’s enough is enough and these were my main motives as well when I realized that by only reading the news (which is the biggest mistake) and watching daily or weekly YouTube videos without any knowledge how to read the graphs and what to react in a certain situation is simply a no go. In my opinion and what I just realized during my studies is that the biggest mistake that we can make when we decide to participate in this world is that most of us are trading with our emotions and this forces us to make irrational trades and decisions… To stop all these mistakes I decided to step on my feet and look for a solution. I have been in the crypto world for almost 2 years now and believe me: I HAVE MADE ALL MISTAKES THAT’S POSSIBLE… For example, I’ve chosen to get in a trade in the worst time (when everything was up); I’ve stayed in trade situations when everything was suggesting to get out; I sold when I shouldn’t have; I was hesitant, indecisive and many time frustrated because I had NO IDEA what to buy, when to buy and when to sell. I bet all these things sound familiar for some of you guys too… So, after all, I decided to try to educate myself. I was searching for books but soon it turned out that most of them are a bit complicated for an average person like me who was never learning about these things before. I started to have the feeling that I am losing this game and even though there is a huge potential in this market I felt that I will never be able to become a good trader. And here came to play the law of attraction and Steve. The law of attraction says in a nutshell that if you are really desired about something that thing or that someone will come to you. In this case, my mentor came to me. One day in spring 2019 I went to YouTube and accidentally ran into one of Steve’s YouTube videos and that “meeting” changed everything. I watched his video and I was amazed by the way he was explaining and I was amazed by the great knowledge behind it. After that, just like you, I was waiting for the Wednesdays like the Messiah because I was thinking that finally, I found someone who can help me to make decisions just by watching his videos and to tell the truth it is partly true and partly not. The other side of this story is that the crypto market has very unique characteristics compared to other markets and this is the speed. In one week so many things can happen and by waiting for the Wednesdays you can miss out many-many opportunities and even if you are patient enough it is not guaranteed at all that without knowing the secrets of trading you are going to be able to be successful. At least I was not. A few weeks passed by and a thought was formulating in my head and that thought told me that this won’t be enough so I decided that I’d like to learn from the person who makes all these useful videos for us every Wednesday no matter what. At first, of course, I was skeptic because first of all I haven’t applied to online courses before in my life yet; I could not imagine how it works, how we communicate when we have a question, how long it will take to get answer; is it a scam at all or not; why is that that there are no negative reviews anywhere on the internet (I only found 2 YouTube videos that were stating that Steve and CCU is scam – well, eventually they were fake and scam) and so as you see many things were in my head before I even reached him out. But then I overcame of all these and I was saying to myself: Look if you were brave enough to enter a market that you don’t even know and start to poor one part of your earnings in and in the meantime lose 1/3rd or more of it through bad trade and volatility then you should be brave enough to risk that he is the person what he is saying to us: the person who will help us to become successful in crypto! And truly he is. I started to get in touch with Steve before Christmas. I told him my story and I was asking what classes suites me the best. He sent me the answer very-very fast. I was even thinking that wow, this is too good to be true because most probably we are not even located on the same continent. Anyways, he was suggesting me the Gold combo, I was asking him if I need the Diamond, but he was assuring me that most probably the Gold will be enough and if I need it we can talk about it later. I did what he suggested and I’ll be honest to you guys I believe that this was one of the best investments in my life. I began to study Steve’s courses about a month ago, I went through the intermediate and just finished the advanced classes and the difference is just unbelievable. I feel myself a different person. I came out from the dark to the light and finally see. I’ve become a person who sits down calmly, sees the charts, understands the charts, emotionally disciplined, knows many-many trading strategies and able to apply them in real life. I have won back the price of the gold combo with only one trade and I managed to recover all my losses in only through this month. I feel incredible and as a finish to my thoughts, I’d like to thank you Steve, you really go over and beyond. During classes, you are teaching us not only crypto but life as well and as your student, I still get amazed of your great knowledge you have and of your talent to pass all this knowledge through to us. This complex world of crypto really became so simple just as you promised. Thank you again and hardly can wait to continue my studies. – Lior Friedmann

Lior Friedmann

Best classess ever!

February 7, 2020

Hi Steve,I just wanted to say thank you. I signed up for your classes and became a student a little over a year ago. I was at a low point in my life at that time, thinking I had made a mistake investing into crypto currencies. The mistake I made was not taking your classes first before investing. I thought I knew what I was doing by watching youtube videos and doing research but I did not. After taking your classes I now realize all the mistakes I made. I bought at the top and held on to alt-coins until I got wrecked. There is so much to learn in crypto and you make it easy to understand. I was so afraid to do anything after all the losses I incurred buying alt-coins. But now I feel confident about when to buy and sell and I know I will be successful. I still have trouble dealing with my emotions but I’m working on it. It took awhile for everything to click but it finally did! I think anyone who wants to invest into bitcoin or alt-coins should take your classes FIRST. Thank you again and I look forward to every Wednesday so I can watch your weekly videos. Happy Birthday to your “son”. I can’t believe a year went by so fast!!

Nancy McLaughlin

STOP what you are doing and read...

February 4, 2020

I have been watching Steve’s videos since early 2017 (when I bought crypto for the first time). I only just recently signed up for the Gold Combo classes, and it was the best decision I have ever made, I wish I had signed up way sooner!Steve gives away so much great information and insight in his weekly videos and I have learnt so much just watching every week, however with the Crypto Crew classes it takes all that knowledge and moves you to a whole new level. I found myself getting to end of every class feeling such excitement and clarity, I already knew so much from being a weekly viewer and I reckon that has made everything click even faster for me.All of a sudden, everything makes so much more sense and I am much more confident and have laser like focus, has been an absolute game changer.Steve really goes deeper ion the classes and reveals all the secrets and pro tips and tricks, his hybrid strategy is like nothing else and is explained in a very logical, methodical and easy to understand manner, he really does makes crypto simple and takes away all the stress.He is genuine, honest and humble and by far this is the No.1 Crypto classes on You-tube or anywhere for that matter. Every time I have reached out for assistance via email he is prompt and explains things and wants to ensure my success.If you are like me and watch every week, then don’t waste another minute, get on board and sign up it will be the best decision you ever make. I can’t thank-you enough Steve, a true gentleman and bright light in this exciting space.


My life has been changed

April 10, 2019

Hi Steve. I want to thank you for your classes from the bottom of my heart. You’ve completely changed my life! I went from losing money to doubling my money in just a few months! My family is exceptionally proud of me, especially my wife and daughter. Today was a milestone for me. I am finally in the financial position to help out other family members, specifically my brother, who suffers from Diabetes. He is unable to work because of his illness. For me, that has been the goal and I’ve achieved it all because of your classes. I would recommend your classes to anyone who wants to make a success of their crypto trading.


Worth every penny and so much more

April 30, 2019

Like most people, I was hesitant to purchase Steve’s classes as I thought I knew what I needed to and besides there is so much free content out there. And I also knew how to buy the dip and I’ve always had pretty good intuition that’s helped me in life. But here’s what I found out…All that free content was worth what I paid for it. And guess what else I found out – the dips have dips!! And my intuition didn’t seem to help when it came to Crypto. Every time I made a purchase, I was literally gambling. I did ok sometimes but I was losing more than I was winning. So I decided to take Steve’s classes and here’s what I can tell you. His classes cost a fraction of what I paid to go to college, yet Steve’s classes are sooooo much more useful. Since I’ve been Steve’s student I would say I average 30+% gains on the majority of my trades. The cost of his class is minuscule compared to money I am now earning now in Crypto thanks to Crypto Crew University. Instead of guessing, I now know when to buy and when to sell. Steve’s courses are nothing short of amazing.

Neil Hoffman


June 14, 2019

I had been in crypto for over nine months and I was just buying to HODL and I was losing my money. After coming across Steve’s crypto classes, I was doubtful about the courses but I decided to give it a try. After finishing all the courses, I learned a lot about investing and crypto including a powerful new strategy, how to balance my crypto portfolio, how to use indicator tools and control emotions. And now I know when to buy and sell, and I already made three times what the classes cost. Steves’s classes are the best and life changing.

Sergio Farias

Changed My Life

August 2, 2019

I signed up to CCU over a year ago. I had been involved in the crypto environment for over two years at that point.When i had finished the Intermediate Classes, my knowledge was on steroids. However I never followed Steve’s advice, not to trade until i had completed the course. A little bit of Knowledge without emotional control is dangerous.Once I completed the Pro Classes, things changed.The skills of what to buy and when to buy are not difficult to master at all. I work with a printed check list. The final question on my check list is. Do You Have The Right To Make This Trade.The two things that take time and effort to master:1. Control Emotions At first you will believe you have your emotions checked. YOU DON’T, its that simple. It took me three months to get a total control on my emotions. I still remind myself daily the coins dont love me, my wife does. Trading is not emotional, my marriage is. I Limit myself to only check prices MAX twice a day. More than that, then you are like the teenager who sends a message to the cute girl and he counts the seconds until she replies. Its EMOTIONAL and OUT of CONTROL Don’t Do It.2. Support and Resistance It take a while to understand that everything, yes every single thing is support and resistance. When you get that, then this becomes a fantastic place to be. I learned to watch every moving average, every price and watch how we interact with these. When you get it you will know.This has been a Life Changer. In my early 50’s i am now semi retired. I used my profits to build myself a luxury office at home, its my man cave and my work space.Most days i spend no more than 30 minutes looking at the charts, all time frames. Understanding the big picture is vital.I have been able to use my spare time to improve my health, quality time with my family, and i am now able to give quality time to a volunteer community program that is important to me.Previously my business commitments were extremely demanding and stressful.I am living my dream. I have no stress. I love what i do. I don’t have to get up early to go to work.My Personal Advice to Others1. If You are just watching the YouTube videos and expecting to trade – DON’T 2. IF You want to do part of the course and trade – DON’T 3. If You think the course is expensive – DON’T – I earn back three times what i paid in my first two months of completing the course. 4. IF You think you have your emotions under control – YOU DON’TSteve your Teaching Method in your Classes is Fantastic. You are Generous with Your Knowledge in your Bonus Classes.Thank You My Friend

Lanny Jay

A Great Value

July 3, 2019

I was guessing with my trades and loosing money. Then I bought Steve’s classes and everything changed. Recently bitcoin was on a great run and the greed index got to 95 (very high). So I followed the strategy and got out taking my profits. The next day bitcoin took a major correction, which I expected, and following the strategy I bought back in at a reduced price. Not only did I take substantial profits, but when I bought back in I got almost twice the bit coin that I previously owned. Thank you Steve for changing my life. My portfolio will never be the same again. Your classes are a great value and I recommend them to everyone. Sincerely Josh


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