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✔ Silver Combo includes: Advanced Series, Stock & Crypto and PRO series!
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Advanced Series

Become an expert with Fibonacci Retracements, Bollinger Bands, Elliot Wave Theory, Stochastic RSI, Money Flow Index and more all while learning powerful strategies on how to become a successful Day Trader, Swing Trader and Investor.

Series Goal:

  • Become an expert with the most popular indicators (Fib Retracements, Bollinger Bands, Elliot Wave, MACD, Stocastic RSI, Money Flow Index)
  • Learn when to buy and when to sell as a day trader, swing trader and investor all using these powerful indicators

What Is Covered?

  • You will learn about Bollinger Bands, Fibonacci Retracements, Stochastic RSI, MACD, Eliot Wave Theory, Money Flow Index and Engulfing Candles
  • What are the best time frames to look at for each indicator and why
  • Which indicators and strategies are best for long term holders
  • Which indicators and strategies are best for day traders
  • Which indicators and strategies are best for swing traders
  • Which indicators are the most accurate to use
  • Which indicators are least accurate to use
  • Powerful detailed notes to drastically enhance learning


Stock & Crypto Class

Series Goals:

  1. Better understand the Stock market
  2. Better understand how a stock market crash is great for crypto
  3. Better understand strategy in stocks and crypto to achieve more success

What Is Covered

  • How Stock Death Cross will Affect Crypto
  • Strategy you should have with Stocks
  • Strategy you should have with Crypto
  • How to become a Master trader or investor
  • Differences between Stocks & Crypto
  • Dow Jones + NYSE + S&P 500
  • Monthly + Daily Charts
  • Mindset + Emotion + Focus

How To Trade Like a PRO

Learn Step-By-Step How To Trade Like A PRO! Learn The Biggest Secrets That PRO Traders Use. Learn Steve’s Unique Hybrid Trading Method and How It’s The Most Accurate, Powerful and Simple Strategy Out There!

Series Goals:

  1. How to apply the secrets & strategies of Pro traders into your own life to achieve a significantly higher level of success
  2. Learn how to trade like a PRO step-by-step

What Is Covered

  • Exactly When To Buy + Exactly When To Sell For Day Trading / Swing Trading / Hybrid Trader / Long Term Investor 
  • Day Trading / Swing Trading / Long Term
  • How To Trade Like A PRO – Powerful Step By Step Strategy
  • Steve’s Unique and Powerful Hybrid Trading strategy
  • Top 10 trading secrets to Trade Like A PRO
  • How to get the Most Dominant Mindset for Successful Trading
  • Setting The Correct Position Size for Every Trade
  • How To Have The Proper Risk/ Reward Ratio With Every Trade
  • How to use Binance Like A Pro – Tips, Tricks and Techniques –
  • How to Professionally Balance Your Portfolio
  • How to build your PRO Spreadsheet
  • How to use your PRO New Trading Journal
  • Crypto Taxes – Must Know Info
  • How to set Stop losses Like A PRO

Save $200! 


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