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Intermediate Series

Intermediate Series

If you realize you made some bad purchases in crypto, and just wish you had a better strategy to use for buys and sells and wish you knew more about charts, the intermediate is for you!

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✔ 5 classes of powerful class content
✔ 7:50 hours of powerful class content
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✔ Powerfully detailed notes to drastically enhance learning

Series Goal:

  • Learn step-by-step when to buy
  • Learn step-by-step when to sell
  • Get comfortable then confident with charts

What Is Covered?

  • Big picture concepts for more crypto success
  • How to know what to buy – creating strategy of evaluating good vs poor investments
  • How to know when to buy – creating a strategy of key indicators
  • How to know when to sell – creating strategy of key indicators for taking profits
  • Charts – building foundation in support resistance, chart setup
  • Charts – building confidence with RSI, Moving Averages and interpreting the data
  • Charts - get confident charting any coin on any time frame
  • Coin reviews – big picture trends and forming your spreadsheet
  • Homework each class to build on skillsets, empower students and maximize learning



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