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Steve Courtney is the founder and CEO of Crypto Crew University

Welcome to Crypto Crew University! This is where we make crypto simple and easy to understand.

Cryptocurrency is clearly the future but there are (3) big problems;

  • Its very complicated and difficult to understand
  • People often invest quickly, without education and end up losing most of their money
  • People don’t have a powerful yet simple strategy of when to buy, when to sell and how to read charts

We don’t want this to happen to you! We are here to solve these problems, In fact, we have the best solutions on the market!

Steve’s simple and easy to understand strategies are incredibly powerful, as they have allowed him the freedom to travel around the world for the last 7 years, to more than 53 countries and live the life he loves!

Steve Courtney is the founder and CEO of the Crypto Crew. Steve’s biggest goal is to inspire you that you too can live the life of your dreams and that money should not stress you out. If you want to make more money to pay for your kids’ university, you can! If you want to easily pay for more vacations for you and your family, you can! If you want to leave the job you hate and become a full time crypto trader, you can! If you want to build up your retirement so you have less stress, you can!

Cryptocurrency and Steve’s classes are your answer! Steve has a powerful yet simple system that is proven to work. Cryptocurrency and the blockchain will change the way we live. You don’t want to miss this opportunity like you may have missed investing in the Internet in 1996. Back then, people thought it was silly, a scam and that nobody would ever want to send an email when they could just write a letter. Look at what the Internet has become today.

Steve fell in love with the stock market way back, when he was 16 years old. That was 17 years ago! He has always had the deepest passion for money and teaching people how to make more of it. Steve is incredibly passionate about teaching you about crypto and has an incredible ability to take a complex topic and make it simple and easy to understand.

Steve created Crypto Crew University because there is nobody who is highly experienced; highly knowledgable and who can also keep it simple.  All of Steve’s classes break it down in a simple step-by-step process, so you can too become an expert, build your retirement and live the life you deserve

Steve started on YouTube and saw his channel grow faster than he imagined. Steve started inspiring a tremendous amount of people and changing lives. That brings a tremendous amount of joy to Steve. He puts in heart into his students, classes and his mission.

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